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Ear Wizard – Ear Cleaner

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Ear Wizard

We all want earwax removed as soon as possible. Many people still use the ancient swabs or solutions with water and salt which should get the dirt out of the ear. However, we know that removal of earwax with a cotton swab can be very dangerous. Rather we take out the ear wax we actually push it further into the ear canal, which is not the intention!

To wax a safe, hygienic and comfortable way to remove, you can make the best use of the Ear Wizard. This Oorreiniger is supplied with flexible soft tips which are provided with a sort of spiral. Once you start using it in your ear and it rotates 360 degrees'm already removed the wax. You can not unlike a cotton swab too far into your ear which can be dangerous to your hearing.

Earwax removal, we do so with the Ear Wizard. Cleaning the ears is supplied with different colors tips so the whole family can use. In addition, the flexible and soft tips made of silicone which makes them reusable.

How to use the Ear Wizard – Ear Cleaner?

Place the flexible soft tips in the Ear Wizard.
Place it in the ear and carefully rotate 360 degrees to remove the wax.
Take the Ear Cleaner from your ear and you will see is wax on the flexible soft tips of the Ear Wizard.


  • Suitable for cleaning your ears
  • Remove wax quickly on choices without risks
  • Soft and flexible tips are reusable
  • Silicone tips, hygienic
  • Tips in multiple colors, the whole family can have its own color choose
  • The best way to your ears comfortably and safely way to clean

What do you receive?

  • Ear Wizard – Ear Cleaner
  • 12 soft flexible tips
  • Manual, NL, ENG, DE, FR, ES, IT, PL
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