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Flippin Fantastic Mini pancake maker

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Flippin Fantastic  -Mini pancake maker

Baking poffertjes during a children's party can sometimes be quite a job.

Half fail and you are flipping those little pancakes 1 by 1 every time.
Not handy at all! To make it much easier for you in baking
and turn of poffertjes we present to you the Flippin Fantastic.

Every time while baking pancakes or poffertjes, the first always fails.
Nobody knows why, but somewhere while turning the first pancake it always goes wrong.
To make baking and turning easier, the Flippin Fantastic is a great product.
With this you can turn 7 poffertjes in 1 go without them failing.

The Flippin Fantastic is equipped with a Non-Stick Silicone ring which is in front
ensures that the poffertjes do not stick or stick to the frying pan, but are simply turned over.
This gives them a nice brown color and makes them wonderfully airy inside.
Due to the non-stick coating, it is also not necessary to fry the pancakes in oil or butter.

After baking all those delicious poffertjes, simply place the Mini Pancake Maker in the dishwasher.


Fast, fun and easy way to make pancakes
Turn 7 poffertjes in 1 go without fail
Easy to use during children's parties
Making pancakes has never been so easy
Equipped with a non-stick silicone ring
Suitable for in the dishwasher
Also suitable for baking mini omelets
What do you get?

Flippin Fantastic - Mini pancake maker


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