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Hurricane Fur Wizard - Fluff Brush

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Hurricane Fur Wizard

Do you happen to have that important conversation and your clothes are all covered with the hair of your lovely pet. Or  can't you get all that hair simply from the couch or carpet when visitors arrive? You can bother with clothes rollers. However, this quickly filled up and the hair falls somewhere else on the ground. Not so useful!

With the Hurricane Fur Wizard- you remove all the hair of your dog, cat or your wife from your suit quickly and easily. Because the fluff brush is magnetic, hair and fluff are easily inserted and detained. In addition, the Hurricane Fur Wizard is more environmentally friendly because you can clean him after you have used it in the drive. With normal clothing rollers, you have to throw away a new piece paste bang every time.

To clean the Hurricane Fur Wizard, simply stop upside down in the Fur Wizard station. Once you take out the lint-roller again, it is as good as new. The hair you have deleted will end up at the bottom. You can take it out easily so you can throw this in the trash. Along with the Hurricane Fur Wizard-Fluff brush is also a convenient take-away fluff brush delivered so you when you travel there, too, you grab her free.


  • Remove tufts of hair from your pet easy
  • Works on your furniture, clothes, curtains and more
  • Equipped with special material that directly takes up the hair
  • Environmentally friendly
  • To clean in the Fur Wizard station

What do you get?

  • 1x Hurricane Fur Wizard -  Fluff brush Large
  • 1x Hurricane Fur Wizard -  Fluff brush take away size
  • 1x Hurricane Fur Wizard self cleaning station
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