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Molly's Marvelous Flat Mop - Cleaning Device

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Molly's Marvelous Flat Mop - Cleaning Device

It is sometimes very difficult to keep the floor clean. Before you know it, someone is walking
enter with dirty shoes and you can start all over again.
That lugging a bucket and a mop should be over.
All you do with an old-fashioned mop is spread dirt all over the floor instead of actually taking it away.

Fortunately, there is now the Molly's Marvelous Flat Mop. Because the bucket is provided with two
built-in buckets you are always cleaning with clean water. In one bucket do
you use water with, for example, detergent and the other bucket to wring out the cloths.
This way you can easily and effectively remove all dirt from the floor.

How do you use Molly's Flat Mop?

Every time you want to rinse the mop, dip the mop in the opening of the WASH bucket.
Hold the handle firmly and move the mop up and down until the mop is clean.
Then repeat the process in the DRY bucket until the mop has reached the desired dryness level.

  • Two buckets, one for washing and one for drying
  • Wring out without getting your hands dirty
  • Unlike an old-fashioned mop, you don't throw too much water on the floor
  • Suitable for mopping laminate, marble, tiles, etc.
  • Can be used in every room, including the bathroom and toilet
  • Fully collapsible for convenient storage
  • Mop can be used wet and dry
  • Easy to empty thanks to the stopper at the bottom

You receive:
  • Molly's Marvelous Flat Mop - Cleaning Device
  • 2x Molly's Microfibre cloths
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