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Orange Gym - Jump Up Trampoline Deluxe

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Jump Up Trampoline Deluxe
Get fit with the Jump Up Trampoline! The fitness sensation that's back
And luckily because this is still the best way to stay fit!
Using fitness trampolines is a popular way to keep moving.
While jumping to music, you perform various exercises and create an intensive training without overloading your muscles and joints.
By performing exercises on the Jump Up Trampoline Deluxe you will quickly improve your condition, metabolism and figure.
A simple workout burns fat and you work on stabilizing your back, abdomen and pelvis at the same time.
Moreover, you have more security with the Deluxe Trampoline from Jump up, because this fitness trampoline has a sturdy and handy handle.
This way you have more security while jumping and there is less chance of injuries.
During the training on the trampoline you tense more than 400 muscles.
In this way you train your entire body for strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.
Just 10 minutes of jumping on the mini trampoline equals 30 minutes of running.
Moreover, with a training of 10 minutes you burn up to 1200 kcal per hour.
So do you want a fun and effective workout? Then jump on the Jump Up Trampoline Deluxe and start moving!


  • Fitness trampoline with handle for extra stability
  • Improved fitness, strength, flexibility and balance
  • Trains almost every muscle in your body
  • Burn up to 1200 kcal per hour

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  • Jump Up Trampoline Deluxe
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