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Starlyf Fantastic Tape

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Starlyf Fantastic Tape - Double Adhesive Tape

The Starlyf Fantastic Tape is a strong, reusable, double-sided tape that immediately keeps everything in place.
Removes cleanly and easily without leaving a sticky residue or causing surface damage.
Double-sided tape, super strong, super resistant, for indoor and outdoor use.

Ideal for hanging pictures, shelves, hangers, fixing rugs in place and much more.
Do not use nails or glue anymore. The Starlyf Fantastic Tape is transparent.
The maximum weight of an object that Starlyf Fantastic Tape can permanently support is 1 kg.
If Starlyf Fantastic Tape is used to hold objects weighing more than 1 kg,
adhesion may not be permanent.


Perfect for hanging shelves, mirrors, paintings, window sills
Ideal for fixing carpets to the floor
Can be used repeatedly
Does not leave dirt, stains and holes
Resistant to objects weighing up to 1 kg
The more tape you use, the more weight it can withstand
Dimensions: 3m length x 2mm thickness x 5cm width / each roll
You receive:

Starlyf Fantastic Tape - Double Adhesive Tape
+ Bonus! 1x extra Starlyf Fantastic Tape


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