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Starlyf Paint Magnet

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Starlyf Paint Magnet - Anti gravity paint tray

Painting can sometimes be quite a job, before you can start painting uberhaubt
first cover the entire floor and your furniture with foil and put on old clothes ect.
Because of this, we often leave this job. While painting a wall,
your own painting or the garden bench is much easier nowadays.

When you have the Starlyf Paint Magnet in your home, you will have your painting ready in no time
without having spilled on the floor, your clothes or worse on your furniture.
The Paint Magnet is equipped with an ultra-absorbent shell material consisting of thousands of woven microfibres.
This fiber holds the paint so you can not tamper and the paint stays in place.
You can even turn the Anti gravity paint tray upside down without the paint falling off.

In addition, the Starlyf Paint Magnet has a handy strap at the back.
You can adjust this so that it fits exactly around your hand.
This means you do not have to go down the stairs every time to get paint again.
This will allow the paint job to be completed even faster.

  • Anti Gravity paint tray
  • Paint without spilling a drop of paint
  • Equipped with thousands of woven microfibers
  • At the back with handy strap
What do you get?
  • Starlyf Paint Magnet - Anti gravity paint tray
  • Paint brush set - 4 parts
  • Paint roller
  • Scraper
  • Manual, NL, ES, FR, DE, IT, PT, EN
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