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Velform Sauna Reducer – Slimmingband

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Velform Sauna Reducer

Sweating during exercise is normal. But what actually happens when you sweat? We are sweating when our bodies want to keep our temperature levels stable.
This is also the reason that we sweat during our training courses. The sweat pores are opened and waste drains away. To make sure that we will be sweating even more during sports or your daily activities we use the Velform Sauna Reducer – Slimmingband.

The Velform Sauna Reducer – Slimmingband is also called the mini sauna for home. Because the weight loss band bears the unique Thermal technology, you will be sweating more when you use the Sauna Reducer. You can use the weight loss band during your workouts but also during household chores. The Sauna Reducer includes a handy temperature controller that allows you to easily get the right temperature. The weight loss band ensures that you will sweat more.

How do you use the Sauna Reducer?

The Sauna Reducer is very easy to use. You decide to which body part you want to have the weight loss band on and it is very easy. However, make sure that the belt is good to your body and is not crease or too tight is attracted. Next, put the sauna reducer directly into the maximum stand by using the temperature controller. This heats up the weight loss band rapidly. After about 5 to 7 minutes, it will bring your body the temperature to the desired level.

We recommend you use the weight loss band a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 50 minutes a days. How much you will sweat is for every body (skin type and construction) different.


  • The unique Thermal technology
  • Thermo-regulator from 30 to 85 ° c
  • Weight loss band which provides that you are going to sweat during your workout or during your daily activities
  • Open pores, waste is removed
  • Revolutionary design, suitable for on the abdomen, back, legs, buttocks, hips
  • Suitable for him and her

What do you get?

  • Velform Sauna Reducer – Slimmingband
  • 7 days diet plan
  • Tape measure
  • Manual, NL, DE, ENG, ES, FR, IT

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