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Starlyf Owl Guard

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Starlyf Owl Guard
An animal repeller in the shape of an owl. Now finally a device that works and also has a nice design.
When you suffer from mice, rats, rabbits and birds in your garden, it can sometimes be very difficult to scare them away.
Your plants will be eaten and cables from your outdoor lamps will be destroyed.
To chase these small animals away from the garden in an environmentally friendly way, we use the Owl quard from Starlyf.
This ultrasound device uses what only the small animals with their perfect hearing
can perceive and flash lights when approaching them.
This makes the animals think there is a human around and they will leave your garden.
From now on you can enjoy the plants in your garden again without being eaten by small rodents.


  • Ultrasound + flash light + designed to scare animals
  • It deters and repels small animals and birds
  • Covers a wide variety of actions and an area
  • 120º Weather resistant / 24 hours protection
  • Blends in perfectly with the foliage thanks to its design and colors
  • Motion Sensor Technology
  • 6V (works with 4 x 1.5V AA batteries not included)
  • 1.3 W IP34 power

You receive:

  • Starlyf Owl Guard - Animal Repeller
  • Ground spike (32cm)
  • Instructions


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